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How to Get Copier & Document Management Leads with Social Media

After years of struggling to get copier sales leads using social media like LinkedIn, Ed Worthington had a breakthrough. He discovered a winning technique to sell copier machines and service contracts more often, faster and without having to give away all the profit. Social media works for Ed—rather than the other way around. Here’s what I learned in a recent interview with him. Listen up. Apply his simple technique. Make social media generate office copier sales leads for you too!.

Ed Worthington is cleaning up: Selling more printers, scanners, copiers, document shredders and signing more contracts faster, more often and easier than ever before at Maryland-based, Action Business Systems. The cold call certainly isn’t dead. But it isn’t the fastest, most painless way to sell office copiers these days. Instead, Worthington is using short, pithy videos shot on his Blackberry and uploaded to YouTube to get more calls returned and appointments scheduled… and ultimately sell more copiers and sign more contracts. In fact, he’s increasing his response rate to an unheard of 20% (2 out of every 10 of outbound attempts generating a positive response from his prospect) using LinkedIn, blogging and YouTube videos in a specific combination—a practical system.

How Ed is Doing It

You might think he’s tweeting on Twitter and updating his Facebook and LinkedIn pages at specific times-of-the-day and days of the week. But you’d be wrong. Worthington doesn’t follow the advice of social media gurus. In fact, he sees their “secret sauce” as a distraction. Instead, he’s focusing on practical ways to create leads and sales!

“It really bothers me when business gurus proclaim the cold call as dead,” says Worthington. “I know it sells a lot of books but the reality is most of what they say is just not true.”

Instead of following the endless stream of tips-and-tricks this sales rep feeds his family by innovating—using social media in ways that exploit age-old, techniques to sell copier machines.

Follow These NON-Technical Steps

When blogging or when using LinkedIn Groups, for example, Worthington says to create:

  • Confidence: Shine a light on the success your unique perspective brings; do it in a way that gives prospects clarity; help the customer feel like they can experience success too.

  • Curiosity: Explain your remedy in a way that creates clarity AND active curiosity. This creates response!

  • A Way: Show prospects a way to take immediate action on the thought you just provoked; help them choose a pathway to respond and get more detailed information on the remedy.

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