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Tips for Buying Used Copiers

Copying equipment for home or business use is indispensable when you need a dependable copier on a daily basis. Many entrepreneurs run their businesses from home, and day-to-day affairs hinge on access to functions an in-house copier provides. Before purchasing a used copier, consider some of these tips.

Decide on Must-have Features

If your business works frequently under

tight deadlines, a copier such as a SHARP MXM 364N has a document feeder to copy multiple originals at one time, duplex for making double-sided copies, reduction and enlargement features, and has several page sizes from which to choose. If you use only one size paper for all projects, for example A3, then only review those types of copiers. Consider whether you need to copy in grey scale for graphs, black and white for regular copying, or color copies for presentations. A photocopier is necessary for anyone who scans, prints, and copies photos. Decide on the minimum pages per minute required to work efficiently, based on your workload. A copier with all the bells and whistles may be over-the-top for your particular situation.

Try to Find a Lightly Used Machine

Every copier has a recommended total number of copies the manufacturer estimates for the printer's lifespan. Depending on the model, your copier may exceed its threshold at one million copies while for other printers, it is normal to run five to 20 million copies. A copier with a low copy count means its use is much less. Ask the seller to provide this number as one of the first consideration before buying the used unit.

Make Sure Ink is Readily Available

A discontinued copier may also indicate that it is difficult or impossible to find toner cartridges for that machine. Research may be necessary to avoid the trap of buying a machine that does not print.

Research the Copier's Service History

Replacing major components such as a drum, a roller, or a corona assembly gets costly. A seller should provide a detailed listing of work completed on the machine and any potential problems. Look for a printer that was cleaned and serviced regularly, indicating the machine was well-cared for.

Buy a Reputable Brand

Consider purchasing a used machine manufactured from a reputable brand, such as a Toshiba copier, Sharp copier or another which has a long history in producing copiers with a following of satisfied customers. Many of the older manufacturers are experts in their field.

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